Sunday, November 25, 2007

Check out this article in today's Ottawa Citizen about poet Rob Winger's GG-nominated Muybridge's Horse (Nightwood Editions, 2007). It's very hard work to balance an arts or books section in a newspaper. I know poets complain that they never get a break in the mainstream press; heck, I'm still bellyaching about the Globe&Mail's decision to kill How Poems Work half a decade ago. Anyway, the article about Winger was (a) the cover story of the arts section in the Sunday Citizen and (b) mentioned on the paper's cover. So that goes a long way for me to putting the Citizen in good stead in my mind. I also remember them writing longish pieces about David O'Meara and rob mclennan this year. So good on them. And good on Winger, by the way, and you can buy a copy of his book here.

So who next? While Anita Lahey might have gotten a shoutout in the Citizen for her work with Arc earlier this year, I don't remember seeing anything about her Trillium-nominated Out to Dry in Cape Breton (Vehicule) ... or Stephen Brockwell for his outstanding new collection The Real Made Up. Ottawa is lucky to have both as residents. Or maybe they could get them in dialogue, considering the fur that flew after Lahey's questions to Brockwell at the writer's fest.