Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Faggadocious. Apparently, the way to get people to a reading is to host it during Pride Week. The Sky Gilbert reading (people spilled out into the front part of Collected Works) was apparently just the beginning. The Factory Reading (feat Amanda Earl, Bill Hawkins and me) was packed. Good turnout at the Deanne Smith appearance at Dusty Owl too. Apparently, Reading Out Loud and Sean Zio at mother tongue were also big hits. Anyone know if the Julia Serano reading went well? Zio will be reading at Rasputin's as part of The Muses reading series this Friday. Yay.

Michael Redhill. Redhill read my post – rob forwarded it to him. I'm told he's living in France now. Did you notice Consolation won the Toronto Book Award last week?

Edna St Vincent Millay. Apparently, fifteen-year-olds really dig her; Pearl says she did a presentation on “Dirge Without Music” at age fifteen. High school is a filthy way to learn about poetry. I'm glad the experience didn't sour Pearl to Vincent. It also reminded me that Molly Peacock wrote a Globe & Mail How Poems Work on Millay's “Love Is Not All” ca 2000 or 2001.

E-mail interviews. Rachel Loden and I had a nice exchange about her George Bowering interview in Jacket Magazine after my little post. She mentions it here.

Heteroskeptical. Apparently, people are reading it. New Brunswick poet Hugh Thomas dropped me a line after seeing a copy. I was at his reading at the Carleton Tavern awhile ago and was quite impressed but that was before I was keeping a blog. It also garnered the attention of several cute boys on Facebook, which is always nice. Note to self: write more homoerotic verse.

Shane Rhodes is apparently travelling for half a year, starting in December. One more casualty? Well, he says it's temporary. Meanwhile, Nick Lea and I are keeping in touch, so maybe this distance thing isn't so bad. Thank you Gen for taking Nick a copy of Heteroskeptical.

...and did I mention that I've got copies of both Heteroskeptical (above/ground press, $4) and a reissue of Basement Tapes (eighteen homolinguistic translations by Nick, Andrew Faulkner and me, $5)? Well I do. Drop me a line if you want to buy one or both. marcus (dot) mccann (at) gmail (dot) com.